Five ways to leave a lasting impression with experiential brand products

Opportunities and Lasting Impressions

In the fast-paced world that we live in today, the opportunities to stand out from the crowd and be noticed by potential clients or customers may feel harder than ever before. 

When you add the challenges that the past year has brought, resulting in limited opportunities of showcasing your brand at networking events, trade shows and other face-to-face meetings, it’s reduced the number of ways that brands can be effective in showcasing products and services. 

In this article, we’ll look at how and why experiential marketing can help you to leave a lasting impression to gain client loyalty, and how Duraweld can help you achieve your goals with our wide range of bespoke products. 

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Psychological Engagement

Science and marketing have always gone hand in hand. Whether that’s through creating engagement through a story, through an experience or by showcasing your core values and beliefs. 

Experiential marketing naturally adheres to psychological principles through creating a direct relationship with the subject. As an extremely simple example, if you were to send out Christmas cards with personalised gifts in a hamper to a company, they may feel obliged to give back to those who have given to them. 

With this in mind, you can go even further, as experiential marketing has the potential to stimulate all five senses - sight, touch, taste, sense and smell - through physical experiences. This will create positive memories embedded in customers' minds, that are ready to be called upon when they are thought of again. 

Effective Method of Branding

Experiential marketing can also be used as an extremely effective tool of branding. You might have spent a long time rebranding your company, have a new logo to share, or just to present at a trade show or in a meeting. 

At Duraweld you can personalise your products to give you a bespoke collection of stationery items, perfect for displaying or gifting to others at a trade show. You can also experiment with your branding to create something entirely unique, whether you have a customer or client in mind.

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Increased Client Engagement = Increased Loyalty

We all have our favourite things that we go back to again and again. Whether that is your favourite Friday night takeaway or the endless piles of clothes you have from your favourite label. 

Becoming a company that has built up a strong base of loyal and returning customers, is the dream scenario for all businesses. It doesn’t happen overnight though. This has to be activated in the first place, and experiential marketing can help catalyse the relationship. 

An Event Marketer study found that 84% of consumers repurchase a product promoted at an event, after their first purchase. By getting the ball rolling this way, it will mean that you will more than likely be the first company the loyal customer will think of when they need a service that you can help them with.

Business Dependent

Following the international lockdowns that essentially shut the world down in early 2020, businesses have had to adapt their ways of marketing, or more broadly the whole way that they operate. 

For some this change was less bumpy than it was for others, with some able to adapt seamlessly, leaving others less effective. As lockdowns begin to ease, and slowly but surely things appear to be heading back to normal, the traditional methods of marketing look set to return - a sight for sore eyes for many business owners. 

With the potential of trade shows just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about producing branded products. EventTrack reported that 81% of attendees of trade shows go up to a company’s display if they have a giveaway or branded product, which shows the potential and flexibility of this marketing channel.

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Perfect for all year round

The adaptability and versatility of experiential marketing are what makes it such a powerful tool. By providing bespoke products for existing and other potential clients, our team will help you create personalised items to mark any occasion. 

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