Retail Signage Options Available from Duraweld

Duraweld offers a range of four substrates to retail customers for their display signage, point of sale and directional signage. We can take your digital artwork files as pdf or prepare your artwork in-house for a small fee. And the maximum thickness we can print is 48mm – so the possibilities are endless!

1.   Point of Sale Polypropylene Products


Duraweld has made customised, bespoke products from polypropylene since the early 1990’s when the substrate came into general use by the manufacturing industry.  Because of its thermoplastic qualities polypropylene is rugged and unusually resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids at room temperature. It is these qualities which mean PP cannot be glued easily – and so joins must welded by a professional manufacturer such as Duraweld – who is used to handling the material.


The fact polypropylene is lightweight, strong and relatively inexpensive means it is a fantastic material for shelf wobblers, packaging, shelf edging, display packs, display stands, mobiles and banners. It is especially useful where footfall is high and cardboard versions would begin to wear and look tired quickly. Polypropylene is a great alternative to card. A shrewd retailer might even keep seasonal polypropylene displays from year to year – such is their longevity.


Speak to an experienced member of our customer services team about how your retail business can make use of the specialist manufacturing services here at Duraweld.


 Used for:


–          Shelf Wobblers

–          Packaging

 –          Shelf Edging

–          Display Packs

–          Point of Sale Promotions

 –         Display Stands

–          Mobiles

–          Banners

–          Promotional Signage

–          Directional Signage



–          Available in 750 micron thick sheets

–          Any size up to 1200mm x 800mm

–          Available screen printed or digitally printed

–          1-1,000 units

–          Delivered in 3-5 days

–          Any shape

–          Manufactured in-house, to order

–          Free UK delivery

2.   Correx Promotional signs

Correx is a brand name for fluted plastic board, or corrugated polypropylene sheet. It’s a very lightweight material and is the cheapest form of rigid signage. Its light weight construction means it is best used for temporary or medium term signage. The most popular use for Correx signs is as estate agents boards, but it is also used for exhibition directional signage (indoors and out), building site signage or any other short term signage jobs.

Our custom size, printed Correx is available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm or 10mm thicknesses and we print straight-to-board with UV, waterproof inks.   The material has a white finish. In exposed areas the sign can be mounted to an additional wooden board to add strength, otherwise it can be prone to bending along the flutes in high winds.


Used for:


–          Estate Agent Signs

–          Temporary Directional Signage

–          Event Signage

–          Building Sites




–          4mm, 6mm, 8mm or 10mm thickness

–          Maximum area of sign 1250mm x 2500mm

–          White as standard – other colours on request

–          Delivered in 3-5 days

–          Free UK delivery

–          Digitally printed with waterproof, fade resistant inks

–          Short term out door or indoor use


3.   Foamex Displays


Foamex is a brand name for PVC foam sheet. It’s a fairly dense material with a smooth finish which has a print finish just like paper. Our Foamex display panels are ideal for office displays, exhibitions, point of sale or exterior signage. The double sided option allows promotions to be hung from ceilings too.


The material is available in many thicknesses from 3mm to 48mm. We recommend 3mm for indoor use and 6mm for outdoor use – with the thicker sizes for more specialist applications.


Foamex display boards are strong and can be drilled or cut to shape to create stunning signage. We can also round off the corners if required. The boards and printing are both water proof. Foamex signs are easy to drill or screw to wooden posts or batons and durable enough to be used for years.


Used for:


–          Office Displays

–          Exhibitions

–          Point of Sale

–          Exterior Signage

–          Building and Construction Trade




–          3mm for indoor use, 6mm for outdoor use up to 48mm for specialist applications

–          Maximum area of sign 1250mm x 2500mm

–          Digitally printed with waterproof, fade resistant inks

–          White as standard – other colours by request

–          Delivered in 3-5 days

–          Free UK delivery


4.   Dibond Premium Signage


Dibond is a brand name commonly used for aluminium composite sheet. The rigid material consists of a solid polyethylene core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminium. It doesn’t rust or deteriorate in the sun, so it recommended for long-term signage.


Aluminium Dibond has high durability and the great strength to weight ratio. Display signage on Dibond can be drilled, screwed and shaped on a CNC cutter to create impact. We can also round off corners for safety.


This premium material is frequently used for general shop signage and fascias, directional signage and event signage. We can also mount rails to the back of Dibond that is compatible with clamps for fixing to round metal posts (like road signs).


Used for:


–          Shop Signage

–          Fascias

–          Directional Signage

–          Road Signs

–          Outdoor, Long Term Displays and Signage




–          3mm premium grade aluminium Dibond

–          Maximum area of sign 1250mm x 2500mm

–          Digitally printed with waterproof, fade resistant inks

–          Delivered in 3-5 days

–          Free UK delivery

–          Cut to shape or rounded corners




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