Environmentally Friendly Travel Tips

There are some great essential travel tips on visitlondon.com that could be applied to travelling anywhere in the world. Whilst travelling overseas for personal enjoyment is a well-being booster, it is always mindful to consider ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and, therefore, not have long term impacts on others.


Some ideas that might be worth considering include:


Using public transport wherever possible at your destination. A bit of research can sometimes uncover a plethora of local travel options, and it has the benefit of getting to know the local culture to a greater degree


Consider travelling through Europe by rail, instead of flying


When in your room consider turning down the heating/air con by a small amount


Many appliances are left on standby for your convenience, such as the TV, try to remember to switch these off when you leave the room or during the night


Just consider the amount of energy used to wash all the towels in a hotel if they are changed on a daily basis!  If staying for more than one night in a hotel re-use the towel rather than expecting a clean fresh replacement


Whilst it is a luxury to use those freebie toiletries, try to take and use your own instead – refillable bottles will cut down the costs


Try to support local shops


It only needs a little more thought, and causes very little inconvenience.


The Environmental Transport Association Trust also gives some fantastic tips and advice on every day travel that affects us all, as well as interesting articles on transport issues.



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