Not Home Alone at Christmas

Community-Christmas-caption-mainIn lieu of Christmas cards Duraweld donated £160 to “Not Home Alone at Christmas”, a community Christmas endeavor to make sure no older person is alone on Christmas Day, unless they want to be. The money was used to prepare a full  lunch on Christmas day for 30 elderly people in Scarborough that have no family, friends and would have spent it alone.  The money meant they each got a little present as well.

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Three questions & less than one minute to a bespoke travel card holder

Duraweld Screen Printed Travel Card Holders low resYou can design a bespoke travel card holder, exactly to your needs, in under one minute using the  Build Your Own travel card holder.  That’s right, if you know what colour you want, what design you want on it and how many – bingo!  You can even see a visual of the product build at the foot of the screen as you work your way through the three steps. Giving you complete peace of mind that you are getting exactly the product you need.


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Binder Basics: the best binder for the job

Struggling to pick the right type of ring binder for your needs? Use this basic guide to choose the best binder for the job.  Polypropylene, vinyl and paper over board ring binders are explained to allow you to make an informed choice.


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Colour matching

Build Your Own ring binders are available in all colours from our standard and recycled range of vinyls, online via our Build Your Own tool.

If you desire a swatch of these colours please email
Approximate Pantone colour references for our standard range are as follows: (more…)

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7 Great Uses for Ring Binders

bling your binder by DuraweldThe humble ring binder is still relevant in today’s society as an efficient and effective way to organize all kinds of materials. Ring binders come in come in a range of sizes, colours, materials, and capacities; they are a universal tool for any type of organizational need.


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Bling your binders

We offer a veritable cornucopia of diverse options that can be added to ring binders. They don’t just give you the chance to make your stationery prettier – they add practical value to the product, and make it more multifunctional.


Based on advice from our sales staff, here are our top ten ways to ‘bling’ your binder:

1. Welded pockets: the major downside of ring binders is that, good as they are at storing punched paper, they’re pretty useless at other items. Welded pockets ensure that that important business card or that vital CD is never mislaid;

2. Self adhesive pockets: if you’re buying stock binders on the website, then self adhesive pockets make a fine substitute for welded pockets;


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Seven Secrets of Retail Signage Revealed

SEVEN SECRETS IMAGEIn our quest to provide great service for our retail customers, here we outline seven key points to consider when preparing signage around your shop.

So often we see these simple principles ignored.  It’s about time someone reveled the seven secrets of retail signage.


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The three greatest sins of retail signage

Retail Signage

For success in retail you need to attract customers and drive sales.  To do that you need to get noticed. Smart retailers know that starts with heavenly retail signage. Quality signage is an easy and effective way to drive foot traffic; communicate with your customers and sell through.


Signage on the high street is just as important as your website design. Think of signs as silent salespeople. Signage helps your customers navigate your shop without asking human sales staff basic questions. Signs can give simple directions or be a persuasive part of your sales process.


Read how to make your retail store heavenly.


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Retail Signage Options Available from Duraweld

Duraweld offers a range of four substrates to retail customers for their display signage, point of sale and directional signage. We can take your digital artwork files as pdf or prepare your artwork in-house for a small fee. And the maximum thickness we can print is 48mm – so the possibilities are endless!


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A guide to getting the right sized ring binder for your needs

Ring mechanismYou need a ring binder, but you’re not sure what size. You don’t want a bigger binder than necessary and you want the finished product to look neat and well presented. Use this simple guide and get the right product for the right job.



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