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Mechanism (mech)
In the plastic stationery industry a mechanism is the (typically) 2,3 or 4 ring metal fixing which holds the punched papers in place.


A micrometre or micron (symbol µm) is one millionth of a metre, or equivalently one thousandth of a millimetre. It is also commonly known as a micron. It can be written in scientific notation as 1×10−6 m, meaning 1/1 000 000 m.



Netabar Folder
Made from either vinyl or polypropyleneand available in a range of colours with many customisation options available. Holds up to 70 sheets of paper.



An overlay is the outer cover of a product.  It can be used to encapsulate a printed sheet of paper or left open for the user to insert their own printed images.



Polyvinyl chloride or vinyl is the most popular material used in the manufacture of ring binders. To manufacture a ring binder two sheets of vinyl are welded together over a piece of stiff cardboard and a ring mechanism is welded in place.


Polypropylene (polyprop)
Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer used by Duraweld to manufacture boxes and ring binders.  Available in light medium and heavy weight, the material is an economical alternative to a vinyl/board ring binder.  Polypropylene is durable, waterproof and safe and is also available in 100% recycled options.


Page orientation is the way in which a rectangular page is oriented for normal viewing. The two most common types of orientation are portrait and landscape. Portrait orientation is where the height of the page is greater than the width, and is more common for the pages of books. Landscape orientation, where the width of the page is greater than the height, is often used for images and diagrams that need to be wider than a portrait page.


Two pieces of lightweight vinyl welded on three sides make a handy pocket.  In specific sizes to suit passports, drivers lisences, credit cards and book covers.  The uses for vinyl pockets are endless.


Printing Industries of America -


At Duraweld we stock over 70 polypropylene material options at any one time, including 4 recycled options. We also offer 300 specialist colours and materials on request. If you would like a sample swatch please email

Polypropylene is easy to wipe clean, hard wearing and will withstand temperatures and ageing. Ring binders and folders made from polypropylene don’t need to be replaced as often as those made from cardboard. Boxes often have a second life, saving costs, resources and the environment.

At Duraweld we recycle all production waste and off-cuts to make our own 100% recycled polypropylene We also ask our customers to return their ring binders for recycling at the end of their useful life (click here for details about how you can return your plastic ring binders for recycling) to prevent them going to landfill. Recycled polypropylene can be used for piping, but here at Duraweld we use it to make more plastic stationery. 

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