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Eurobox (now known as Document Boxes)  
A document box is designed to hold A4 or A5 papers with room to spare.


Easel Binder
This is a ring binder that inverts to form a small flip chart.  Clear Pockets on the front allow the product to be personalised or branded.


E Type Box
A box which uses an envelope shaped flap to close.


Embossing is the process of creating a three-dimensional image or design in a material.  Duraweld offer embossing as a decoration to their vinyl products.  It looks particularly attractive on mock leather or padded materials.


Encapsulation (Encap)
By trapping a printed sheet of paper between the binder and a clear vinyl overlay an encapsulated binder makes an attractive, cost effective alternative to four colour printing.





We define files as a simple protective cover that secures sheets by means of a clip or fastener.


We define a folder as a product with a folding flap that holds loose sheets in place by means of a gusset or box-style construction. This is as opposed to a ring binder, which secures sheets with a ring or lever arch mechanism.


Foil Blocked
Imprinting a particular design (typically a logo) in gold or silver makes an attractive decoration to any stationery item.  It looks particularly prestegious and is used on formal designs.


A design particular to Duraweld, this file is designed with a curved closure which allows the capacity to flex (from 5mm to 10mm).  This design is both funky and functional.




Gilt Corners
Gold or silver corners give a prestigious finish to any stationery item as well as adding strength to vunerable corners.




Heat Crease
This process is used to form the creases in some of our heavyweight polypropylene products.


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