Duraweld and the Environment

Duraweld is committed to environmentally responsible business practices and endeavours to achieve sustainable manufacturing throughout its processes.  The company believes this is essential for sustaining the future of the business and the quality of life for generations to come. In 2010 it committed to providing customers with “Seriously Green Solutions”. and in 2012 included "Care about our community and environment" into the company's Values.

At the centre of this ethos is our Environmental Policy and EMS, incorporating specific targets that all of our team buy in to.

Mark Yeung (Director) is aware that for Duraweld to achieve its objectives, it is essential for employees to be fully involved and, therefore, takes an active role on the Green Team, which consists of top management and Green Champions representing each department, and encourages the embedding of an environmental ethos throughout the company.

The company has been listed twice in The Sunday Times Best Green Companies, ranking 39th in 2010 and 28th in 2011. In 2011 Duraweld joined the Yorkshire & Humber BITC Environmental Index: 2011 the company achieved High Scoring New Entrant and joint Carbon Reduction Award winner; 2012 Duraweld retained its Silver Band status.  The company has committed to puttinullng a summary of the feedback report into the company domain. In 2011 Duraweld was honoured to be featured in The Prince’s Mayday Network Annual Report.         

Duraweld endeavours to reduce its carbon emissions; however, is realistic that it will never be carbon neutral.  From 2006 to 2012 Duraweld offset its remaining CO2 Emissions via co2balance on Gold Standard projects, and by the end of 2012 the company had reduced its footprint by approximately 35%.

The company often re-uses packaging it receives when sending goods out. 


Duraweld has an active CSR programme, follow us on twitter to see what we are doing to support our community and other projects.


The company hopes that all its stakeholders will join them on its sustainable journey. 


Practical hints and tips on being more environmentally friendly are also offered in our resource centre.


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